Friday, 8 December 2017

2017 is almost over and I can't contain my excitement. Read on to know why!

2017 is ending! One thing that made a difference in your life this year?

When you start walking on a road first,  you are completely clueless about where the whole journey will lead. It's always a never-ending road. But life throws you with surprises - some are there to make you happy, and some to make you stronger.

Which one was it for you this year?

I can't hold my happiness as I announce that my poem has been published in an anthology of poems - eBook published by Half Baked Beans, alongside other 36 talented contributors. It has a mixed theme.

This came as a complete surprise to me when I was informed that one of my poems got selected for the anthology which is compiled and edited by none other than the famous and great personality, Megha Rao. And special thanks to Half Baked Beans for providing us, the budding writers with a platform to showcase our works.

The blurb of the book reads -

"Reading poetry is like visiting a spa, where the reader forgets the trials of mundane exhausting life and lets soothing words do a job of stress-busters for him. This assorted collection of poems does just that!

This is a compilation of human emotions drawn from the deepest reserves of imagination. Laced with satire, humor, grief and insurmountable love, these poems are what make you feel better on days when 'the blues' couldn't get any bluer.

Meticulously crafted with passion and love by several poets, this is the first in a series.
Sense the surge as these electrical, dramatic, and yet gentle words take you on a topsy-turvy ride."

Get the download link here -

Oh, and wish you all an advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.