Sunday, 16 August 2015


In the real world,
The struggle for finding oneself
Seeking spiritual attainment
For the quest of the query

The shadow of tree
Tells a different story
Of the reality distorted;
The unreal world
As likely to be called

An enlightenment of unreality,
An intuitive work of schizophrenia
Been blinded by the unreal distortion
Of the real world.

Thursday, 30 April 2015


After what has happened to Nepal, my heart goes out to them...

We Shall Rise Again

Victims lay strangled
In the tumultuous upheaval
That has befallen upon us
We extend our help
And pray to the almighty
To show us some mercy

Oh my, dear ones
Keep faith in thy Lord
It’s when we stay strong
The avalanches of grief and pain
Of the lost ones separated
We shall play our roles
and call for our duty
We shall stay united
For this soon shall pass!

Oh, tell me, what should I believe?
Is it just the end,
or the beginning of some transformation?
We need not fear
Nothing can tear us apart
Mother Earth, hear your children hymn!

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Wandering on the streets

Mesmerized by its serenity

The calmness of the eerie sky

Radiates a warmth so soothing

The heavy tread of the boots

The gloomy brightness of the street lights

Mind flickered with thoughts

All the madness buried under the layer

It disappeared beyond the horizon of hope.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Winter Love

In the heart of winter,
let us embrace ourselves
And touch one's soul
The cold wind blowing
Whispers the moan
Of your delicate touch
I feel the electric chill
Down my spine.

Wrap your arms around me,
Protect me from the wintry cloak,
The frozen river
Melt it with your warm breath
You exhale from your lips
I can feel upon,
Let the river flow
Your fingers running
Along my skin.

You and I,
Let us sail together
Into the warm water
And hide from the wintry storm.