Friday, 20 May 2016

Mother's Day

"I love my Mom." We all do, don't we? But as we grow up, we forget all the sweet memories she has created for us by sacrificing her own happiness, to make us what we are today. We don't remember the hard times when she held our hand tight, and promised us that things will get alright or the times she made us happy by fulfilling all our wishes. With the growth of civilization (what we call it modernization today), we are letting the greed of living a luxury life to take over our virtues. There are 728 Old Age homes in India today. The number of resident in old-age home is increasing manifold. This poem gives a gruesome picture of the reality. Happy Mother's Day Humming happily along the music The oven sent out a ping, Adding to the joyous song The dishes were ready Pressure cooker whistled its final blow The kids clapped along, Drooling over the mouth-watering dishes Gluttonously munched on the brunch Mother filled her champagne glass A sweet smile on their faces A handmade card to celebrate The Mother’s day, A picture of a lady hugging her children The words written on it- “You’re the best Mom…” She couldn't hold her tears As she recalled this day, Where now she sits in an old-age home Abandoned by her children Celebrating Mother’s day Alone.