Sunday, 29 January 2017

#MagicOfWarmth Moments

“Who gets excited for one’s birthday?”
“It’s just another day.”
“Why create the fuss?!”
She had all of this running through her mind, as she struggled to tell herself that tomorrow she is going to be 18 and there’s no big deal about it.

She had nothing planned for her big day and carried no expectations. But who knew something big was already in store for her. She went to her sleep expecting the midnight birthday calls, and on asked upon what her plans were for the so-called big day, she had them by replying that it was going to be a simple lunch out with few of her close friends. And that was it. She was done with her midnight calls and dozed off.

The sun was up. The door bell rang. And what was on the other side of the door was her first surprise. Two of her friends showed up with the cakes and the gifts. The day has just started, and that was just the beginning. It followed up with much more when one by one all of her other friends started to show up, and every time she heard a doorbell, she couldn’t be more surprised. 
They took her to a long drive and by the time, she returned back, her room was decorated in a way she couldn’t have imagined. She wore that smile on her face the whole day. She took them out on a cruise for the evening on the river of the Brahmaputra, and the evening was full of merriment and joy. They danced, they drank and they clicked all of the memories they could capture together.

She still had no clue on who could have planned so much for her, to make her feel special like she deserved it. She enquired but none opened up to her. A mystery she was trying to solve all day, but no one would help her.

When she returned home after her long and beautiful day, she found a paper lying on her mom’s bedside. She went near and picked up the paper. What followed next shocked her completely, and she couldn’t just believe her eyes. It had all the numbers of her friends. She knew then, it was her. It couldn’t be anybody else. Her eyes welled up with tears of happiness.

She just rushed to her mom at that moment. She gave her a big smile and they both hugged. 


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Monday, 16 January 2017

My Heart Moves from Cold to Fire

My heart moves from cold to fire
What it is that you wish to acquire
From burning my name to ashes
You threw my entire integrity into trashes

You have got blood in your hands
That you can never wash away
‘Cause I'll reckon to remind you
Of each scar
Ablaze with a single desire

In this treacherous realm
Where my heart was crushed open
The blazing heat
Set it afire

Now face the consequences
But, before you tell me
What is it that you wish to acquire?
For you made my heart move from cold to fire.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


With 2017 already on a start, shouldn’t we have a few things list out to be done before this year ends? I know, everything we plan on is not going to happen, but let’s take a step towards it so that we just don’t let out life go waste. Because life is short. 
So lock yourself up in a room, drink on the wine, play some good soothing music and sit down for doing some self-discovery. Open up a diary and jot down all the self-realization that dawn upon you at that moment of time. But before you get excited about it, I wish to share with you a few of my own list, I plan on doing this year -

#1 Be an Active Blogger, no matter how busy life gets. Even when there would be 9 to 6 work life, even when there would be some family crisis, I plan on following ‘one post a week’ religiously.  No compromise. 

#2 A Career Start: I realized writing ‘I am a recent graduate …’ on my cover letter is soon going to expire, if I don’t do some serious job hunt and give a start to my career life. May be at this point of time, I am not sure if I want to convert my hobby of writing into a career, or use my creativity for the marketing start, or the worse, pursue finance for my love for the numbers. It gets all too confusing, but I feel it’s time to get into the field and start acting. 
#3 Take an Online Course, it’s free and plus, it expands your horizon. A commerce student can brush up on web developing course: HTML, CSS, and JAVA. It’s not harmful after all.
#4 Read no less than 24 Books, yeah, you heard it right. Last year I had this same resolution of reading 2 books a month, but I couldn’t keep up till the end. I had read only 15 books last year. But this time I am going to stand strong on my ground, and not disappoint myself. And hey, my favorite of all the books I read last year is ‘The Catcher in the Rye.’ Perhaps, I will talk about it in details in my next blog post.Don't hesitate yourself from picking up that book, if you still haven't.
From my book collection!
#5 Try Something New: I’m thinking on chopping off my hair short, or get a tattoo inked. But recently, I have been told by a person that tattoo should be a gift by someone, something to remember by always. So until I land on some super ideas for my tattoo, I am going to stick to experiment with my hair. 
#6 Meeting New People is going to be a lot of fun. ‘New people, new stories.’ I have no clue how I am going to do that, but I am sure not going to stop myself from interacting with new people out there if I get an opportunity. Or maybe I can try some apps for this. Ah! Let’s see how this pan out. I'm excited! 

Fly high!
#7 Travel Plans: This one is going to be very tough. I am that person who misses out on the family functions happening at different cities, sometimes due to exams, sometimes this and that. Of course, I do have a great house party when my parents are out of town, but travelling is travelling. I promise to take a single trip this year at least , either with friends or family and not going to miss on a slight chance of running away. More like a getaway!
#8 Less Over Thinking: Stop! Nothing is going to happen. Are you sure?  Think again. Think. Don’t stop. I know, it gets worse sometimes. Too many thoughts, which eventually leads to anxieties and nervousness. I can’t stop thinking all together. Thinking is important but not over thinking. I know I need to work on it, and meditation is going to help me through this. 
#9 More handwriting:  Read an article few week ago, that said,”Write Offline, Read Online.” It went further by saying how handwriting is a dying art.  Writing by hand helps to think more sequentially and keeps our mind active. Since I love to write poems and short stories, I am going to opt for posting more of hand written post rather than using the digital illustrations. You can find my writings at - .Don’t forget to follow me and leave your feedback. I will love to read. :)
My handwritten art!
#10 Leave a Blank: Surprise yourself. Everything doesn’t need to be planned out. Something just happens. So this is going to be left blank for now to be filled later.

I hope you had a great time reading and I might have been able to inspire you a bit with this post. Don’t waste much time now and get going already. 
Spread smile and spread the words. 
And a Happy New Year, Readers!