Saturday, 22 March 2014

Walking Out Of The Darkness

Sitting alone in the dark
Searching  for  directions
Trying to feel the numb heart
She decided to, for once, let herself flow
Allow herself to get swept away ;
With the emotions.

She finds tranquility in the darkness;
she can see through the darkness;
Darkness camouflages all her scars.
A beam of light can break her,
Break her into pieces;
Unleash her Bats.
Voids of perfidy pricks as she recalls,
She knows her emotional trauma will come alive
She’s afraid, what if the walls break down?

Deep down, she wants to feel the pain
to wash that pain away;
to feel her life;
to live it;
Tired of mere existence.
There’s an adrenaline rush in her body
She stands up to step out,
where the sun rays fall upon her
burning the pain,
releasing the heat inside.

To see the rays cut through her pain
extricating her of all the anguish,
making her feel alive once again.
For all it takes is a mustered strength
to bring her back into life.

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